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Virus Removal Support

Detect and Disinfect

Detecting a Virus

How to scan for viruses
How the disinfection wizards handles viruses


Disinfecting a File

How to clean an infected mailbox
How to clean an Internet Explorer cache folder
How to clean a Java cache folder
How to clean a folder in the Recycle Bin
How to clean a temporary folder
How to clean a compressed file
How to clean an infected System Volume Information or System Restore folder
How to clean an adware file


Removing a Virus When Disinfection Wizard Fails

How to manually remove malware that cannot be disinfected
How to remove Classloader Exploit and other Internet Explorer Trojans
How to delete an infected file that cannot be cleaned automatically
Why some infected files cannot be deleted through Windows Explorer
Why some files cannot be cleaned
Why some files cannot be scanned
Why some viruses or worms can reinfect your computer
Why the F-Secure Virus Description pages do not list all malware


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