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Some Files Cannot Be Cleaned. Why?

Only files infected by viruses can be disinfected. Virus will attach itself to another file and that file can normally be cleaned.

If you have, e.g. a Trojan, Joke, Worm or Backdoor in your computer, you may rename or delete the unwanted file but it cannot be disinfected.

Infected files may be renamed if they cannot be disinfected. The extensions of such files start with a number (from 0 to 9) as the first character (e.g. VIRUS.0XE, VIRUS.1XE, HOSTS.0, etc.). To remove these files and other files that FSAV could not disinfect or delete automatically, please select "Delete" as the disinfection action for them next time they are detected. The infected files will be deleted instantly or after system restart. Instructions on how to delete infected files can be found here.

Warning! If F-Secure Anti-Virus detects infected messages inside e-mail database files, do not select "Delete" or any other disinfection action as you might loose all your e-mails! These e-mail databases can have .DBX, .PST, or .MBX extension (for Microsoft e-mail clients Outlook or Outlook Express) or they can be named as INBOX, SENT, or TRASH (for Netscape/Mozilla e-mail clients). Disinfection instructions for mailboxes can be found here.

How to remove those files that cannot be cleaned / disinfected?

To remove content that cannot be disinfected (like a Trojan, a Joke, a Worm and a Backdoor), you may change your Anti-Virus settings to ask the action after infected file is found. Change "Action to take on infected files = Ask after scan" and then scan your computer hard drives. Then if infections are found, you may select "Delete" for the infected files that you want to remove permanently.

What to do if in doubt or in case of false alarm?

In case of a false alarm, it can be dangerous to delete files that were detected as infected. So if you have a doubt about a certain file detected as malware, it is better to choose "Rename" as the disinfection action and then to send the renamed file for inspection to our Viruslab. Please see our guidelines for sending false alarms, virus samples, hoaxes, and virus-related questions to F-Secure Viruslab.