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How to Scan for Viruses

If you have Virus & Spy Protection enabled, your computer is protected. Whenever you access a file (open, create, modify, save, or copy), the real-time scanning scans it automatically for malicious software.

If you suspect a certain file to be infected, you can perform a manual targeted scan. To manually scan a file, do the following:

  1. Double click the blue F-Secure icon on your Windows system tray at the bottom-right corner of your screen to open the main menu.

  2. Note: In Windows XP, icons may be hidden. To show the hidden icons, click the button.
  3. Click the Virus & Spy Protection tab to open the Virus & Spy Protection pane.
  4. Click Scan my computer.
  5. From the menu, select to scan all local hard disks, a single diskette or a folder that you specify. You can also choose to scan for spyware or rootkits.
  6. The Manual Scan Statistics window is displayed and shows you statistics for the scan. Click Stop to interrupt the scan at any time.
  7. A report is generated after the scan is completed. Click Show Report to view the report in your Web browser.

If a virus is found, it will be removed automatically. You will see the Disinfection Wizard only if:

  • A virus has been found and your virus protection level is set to display all findings and report to you before disinfection.
  • A virus has been found during an automated scan and it could not be removed automatically.

For more information, see “How the disinfection wizards handles viruses”.

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