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How to Clean an Adware File

Quite often computers have a lot of adware files especially if the user is browsing the Internet by using Internet Explorer. Adware can be dropped to a computer from a webpage or during installation of free software that has a bundled adware package (for example several free peer-to-peer clients like Kazaa or Grokster are distributed with a bundled adware). So if you see unwanted popups when you are browsing the Internet or you spot some unusual activity while you are working with your computer, it is recommended to run an adware scanner.

If you are using F-Secure Internet Security 2005 software or newer, you can use the built-in adware scanner. Otherwise we recommend that you use the Lavasoft Ad-Aware product. If you have adware that is not found with our tools, please follow these instructions to send a sample to us.